SEASPAWN™ 'activated' fish eggs (fishing bait)

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SEASPAWN is the salt water version of our highly successful Aqua-SPAWN™ product which has been specifically designed to catch a variety of coastal species - anywhere around the globe!

*Invented by Laguna

SEASPAWN™ are jelly-like hookbaits - "realistic Synthetic spawn" (fish eggs) - expands up to 25mm suitable for use with the pennel rig or cast from shore in protective mesh.

SEASPAWNlooks and feels like real eggs but wont readily expand further or become too fragile in salt water - this is what enables them to stay on the hook much longer!

A little info for those who haven't tried these yet...
The product comes supplied in a resealable bag pre-activated and flavoured in Dirty Squid Flavour ready for mounting on a rig

Tip. lower your rig off the boat, pier or harbour or wrap in Fox Armamesh for beach casting - we recommend using a pennel rig for best results.

*Colour may vary between batches with shades of blue/red/greens.

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