POT™ 'Active' - Electro-Positive Bait Activator (10ml)

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POT™ 'Active' - Electro-Positive Bait Activator (10ml) for fishing boilies and pellets

POT™ 'Active' - Fishing Bait Activator (10ml)

(Base stimulant;  Isolated Potassium Citrate)

Proven "More Electro-positive than salt"!

POT™ 'active' has been extensively developed and tested by LAGUNA to have a POSITIVE stimulating effect on fish olfactory senses, which is faster acting and proven to be twice as good as salt.

*This is cutting edge stuff from Laguna and shows how the research and development of modern baits have evolved in recent years, to quickly attract and keep fish occupied in your swim for longer periods.

POT™ 'active'  is ideal for use with all kinds of bait including; live/natural baits like maggots and worms, pellets and boilies or any real-food bait like corn or bread - especially suitable with high quality baits used by specialist carp, chub and barbel anglers.

Contains: Potent stimulating ingredients that excites the fish olfactory senses - all species!

  • Umami taste
  • Palatable to all fish
  • Actively stimulating (electrolyte)
  • 100% natural ingredients (isolated potassium food components)
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Guaranteed 10-year shelf-life

1x 10ml dropper bottles - Use directly on hook baits by the drop or as a dip, soak or glug.

Recommended levels:

  • 10ml per Kg base mix and boilies
  • Maggots 5-10ml per pint
  • Worms 3-5ml per tub
  • Pellets 10ml per 1Kg
  • Groundbait and method mixes 10ml per Kg

Species: suitable for Carp, Chub, Barbel and all Coarse species

A chemical sensory stimulant is what you should be looking for
"There's lots of things you could add to make a bait 'active', unfortunately most of what I'm aware of only has a visual appeal, so instead of attracting fish, is likely only applicable to fish nearby or already feeding within your baited area.

Active ingredients: The suggested acid/alkali reaction just makes things fizz around releasing bubbles carrying a few micro particles with it. This is what's generally referred to as an 'active' bait and is a visual stimulant rather than a chemical sensory stimulant which is what you should be looking for.
Hemp oil (or any other edible oil like olive, rape, CLO ect.) makes particles rise and fall which could attract from a bit further afield, especially in flowing water and is a little more than visual, but its nowhere near as good as a nutrient that's soluble and reacts with the water - oil most definitely isn't!

"Solubility being the key; I would recommend  POT 'active' (proven more 'electro-positive' than salt) developed by Laguna"

~Chris Wilson

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