ONE-EGG-MIX™ - Boilie Base Mix

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Easy to use ONE-EGG-MIX™ - 100g makes up to 80x shelf-life boilies.
Requires one medium size egg, ideal for a days fishing trip.

Available options are: Anchovy, Banana, Crab, Krill KPH (krill protein hydrolysate), Squid meal, Strawberry, Pineapple (made with real fruit extracts) and Tiger Nut.

These are superb base mixes that roll well, containing high quality ingredients and natural attractors

ONE EGG MIX(100g Base Mix) for making 60 x 15mm or 80 x 12mm boilies or bulk purchase.

Add dry ingredients gradually to one beaten MEDIUM sized egg and form into a soft dough, leave to rest for a while, roll and boil.
Basic boilie making instructions are available to download at:

PLEASE NOTE: Product will be sent in a plastic bag.

Which one should you chose?
All our base mixes are made with high quality ingredients and will catch fish on a variety of different waters throughout the year. However if you really want to increase your chances, we suggest buying a couple of different flavours as you never know what the fish will want on any given day. There is no extra charge for postage.

Our most popular is Krill KPH - a predigested hydrolysate which is a slightly sticky, none free-flowing powder.
Crab is also a very good choice as is Tiger nut and will often get around the 'nut ban' on many commercial venues as they are very safe to use.
Smell is important to fish, so If the water is dark and murky, or you fish at night, you might want to consider our Squid or Anchovy flavour as they stink more than the rest! 


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