OEM™ Boilie Base Mix + Bait Activator

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A Good Quality Boilie Base Mix + Liquid Bait Activator to make around 80x12mm boilies

Your purchase includes: 100g quality Base mix + Liquid Bait Activator
for making 60 x 15mm or 80 x 12mm boilies

Guaranteed highest quality shelf life

OEM boilie Base Mix range contains high quality fishmeal ingredients & real fruit extracts
SAC juice Activators are natural food grade high quality extracts (not synthetic) and PVA friendly additives that compliments the base mix perfectly

Designed to work all-year-round

These are superb quality base mixes that roll well and work in all conditions,
containing high quality ingredients.

Add dry ingredients gradually to one beaten MEDIUM sized egg with the activator and form into a soft dough, roll and boil or just leave to air dry for a stiff paste.
(Alternatively you can add the activator after the boiling process by coating the inside of a plastic bag and placing your cooled bait inside and shake to coat)

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