Kill with Krill™ - Liquid Krill for grubs and maggots

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The No freeze way - to kill and keep dead maggots!

KILL with KRILL™ - Concentrated Liquid Krill
The No freeze way - to kill and keep dead maggots!

KILL with KRILL™ is the new super way to keep your leftover maggots - better than frozen!

Many anglers swear by Krill as it increases their attraction... KILL with KRILL™ is the perfect way for keeping any leftover maggot's WITHOUT FREEZING!
Frozen maggots often suffer cellular freeze damage and cannot be refrozen again. KILL with KRILL™ is the no-freeze way of keeping any leftovers.

There's no denying the pulling power of Krill and dead Maggots.
Together they make an awesome all-year-round bait!

KILL with KRILL™ ensures you will always have some maggots to hand. Simply drop a few leftover maggots into the liquid to preserve them for another time... without freezing!

Extra thick and concentrated liquid krill for maggots, casters and grubs.

  • Supplied in stink-proof tubs
  • No need to freeze or keep in the fridge
  • Kills and preserves
  • Triple concentrated liquid krill
  • Use all-year-round
  • PVA friendly

Technical: The juices of the maggots are exchanged through a process of osmosis with concentrated krill extract. They mostly remain plump and ooze natural krill flavour when put in the water.

Krilled maggots reign supreme on any water and stand out as a hook bait amongst the rest of your freebies.

KILL with KRILL™ - handy in any situation where you might use dead maggots on the hook or feeder.
Store in your bag or tackle box for up to 3 years.

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