Kalipa™ Conforming Leg Splint

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Conforming Rubber Splint for Kalipa™ Leg Straps.

Helps to prevent excessive movement and slippage.

(This is an optional replacement item)

Conforming Rubber Splint for Kalipa™ Leg Straps

Colour: Black
Material: Flexible PU
Fits standard 50mm wide webbing Straps using allocated holes
Pack of 1

The Conforming Rubber Splint is attached to the Leg Strap webbing via a threaded central metal pronged grip, plus two brass nuts and bolts located either side of the Adaptor. The rubber Splint is designed to 'conform' comfortably to the shape of the wearers body when correctly fastened to prevent excessive movement and slippage of the Leg Strap. The threaded central metal pronged grip is designed to act as a third anchor preventing excessive movement of the Leg Strap plus the attached Kalipa™ Head and Adaptor. Preventing excessive movement is an essential consideration when targetting big and powerful fish 'virtually hands-free' using what is a essentially - a rod rest up against your leg!

To replace and fix a new Rubber Splint onto the Leg Strap; simply remove the two brass nuts and bolts attached to the Strap if present, remove the hard threaded insert from the Adaptor and then the metal fastening located inside the Adaptor using a pozi screwdriver by turning in an anti-clock wise fashion.
Note: The hard threaded insert is a snap fit component which can be difficult to remove. Best way is to thread the 4M fish eye screw into it most of the way, and then pull it hard by hand until it pops straight out of the adaptor.

Reverse the procedure when replacing components.

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