fiz™ - Milk Protein Base Mix and Paste

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fiz™ - highest quality 'Double Activated' Milk Protein Base Mix and Paste


100g + 10ml bait activator

Pristex fiz™ - highest quality 'Double Activated' Milk Protein Base Mix and Paste


Mix with WARM water for boilie shapes or COLD water to make a paste.

fiz™ is a really easy to use No-egg, No-oil and a No-boil high quality Base mix and Paste that has natural binding abilities - just add water.

fiz™ is a slightly 'active' base mix that can be made into a stiff paste or boilie shapes by adding just a little bit of water.
You do not need to add eggs or boil your baits or add any oil - it binds and rolls very well with water!

When put in the lake or river, fiz™ reacts to the watery environment releasing tiny little bits and microscopic bubbles that feeds your swim. Its the action of the bubbles what slowly breaks up the quality milk protein food particles to entice fish into the area. The bubbles can hardly be seen and will not scare fish like some other 'explosive' mixes on the market. Made a little bit on the fizzy side (on the molecular level).... attractively 'active' and slowly soluble to the core!

The benefits to anglers are clear... a highly soluble Milk Protein bait made with fiz™ is preferred in our tests to any other flavour-locked hard boiled bait made with eggs, and requiring no oil makes fiz™ one of the very best all-year-round baits in the UK. There's also no good reason that we can think of to scold our fingers or ruin a good fish's meal with boiling water like you would when making boilies the traditional way, in fact it doesn't need to be cooked/boiled at all. Cold or warm water will do the job nicely - no excessive heat ensures the proteins and amino acids remain intact giving you the angler the very best possible chance of catching.

One bag of fiz™ comes with a FREE complimentary bottle of SAC™ juice (our famous bait activator) to make around 150g of paste or around 80 x 12mm boilie shapes or chops which is ideal for short sessions on the bank or lakeside.

Banana or Blue Cheese

* Double activated with SACjuice and fiz™.
Both Base and Paste contain the exact same quality ingredients and are interchangeable.

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