4EVA™ Fruit and Fishmeal - Elderberry large

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4EVA™ Elderberry is made with whole ripe elderberry's and are especially suitable when trotting for Grayling, Trout and Roach on the river.

Use all-year-round!

4EVA™ Elderberry - tough jelly hook baits are suitable for Grayling, Trout and Roach, Carp, Tench, Bream, Chub, Barbel and a wide range of freshwater species.

    Real fruit extracts & fishmeal flavour's
    Suitable for the pole and margins
    Suitable for casting*
    Won't burst when hooked or hair rigged
    Won't melt in the sun
    Won't freeze in winter
    Superior shelf-life (10+ years)
    Store in your bag or tackle box
    PVA friendly

The 4EVA™ range of hook baits are made using 100% real fruit extracts and fishmeal - suitable for all-year-round fishing!
An impressive tough jelly hook bait that doesn't freeze in winter or melt on a hot summers day. It's jam packed with real flavour (much better than boilies) and works by a process known as osmosis - essentially exchanging its flavour with lake water.

The full range includes: 4EVA™ Elderberry (standard size and large), 4EVA™ Pineapple & Squid, 4EVA™ Plum & Crab, and 4EVA™ Strawberry & Anchovy.
In use:
4EVA™ hook baits contain around 97% pure liquid flavour - which is unsurpassed in terms of attracting fish!
They are tough and firm enough to hook or hair rig straight out of the jar, and are perfect for the pole and margin areas. They can also be cast with further preparation if required or trotted straight from the jar.
*For casting; simply dry-to-shrink to a suitable size (6-7mm) in the warm sun or spread them on tissue paper. This has the benefit of increasing their strength, and will also concentrate the flavour releasing it more slowly in the water as they begin to expand again.
Note: It is not recommended to recast or retrieve the bait once positioned as they quickly scent the swim and become soft in the water.
Always use a new bait each put in for best results.

4EVA™ hook baits hold about 400x their own weight in liquid flavour!

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