CARPtist Pro (FC85) - high protein feed 600g

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Laguna CARPtist Pro (FC85) - Fishmeal Protein Method Feed & Groundbait Wet/Dry 600g

A very High Quality South American light brown Fishmeal Protein Feed - strong smelling for Carp and other popular lake species.
For use in all Feeders, cage and method mixes, pole pots, stick mixes, lose feed or paste, introduced wet or dry.
FC85 can also be added to groundbait or used as a coating powder to dampened pellets.
A suitable replacement or addition to fine crumb and liccy bread.
Used dry: FC85 is an ultra fine protein feed which can be used dry in pole pots to create an attractive slow sinking cloud.
Used wet: FC85 can be mixed with lake water to make a fast acting paste or as a soup for pole pots.
  • Carp/Course/Match
  • Ultra fine
  • Ultra light
  • Use Wet, Damp or Dry
  • Average digestible protein: 80 - 85%
  • Low fat content
  • Suitable for all-year-round fishing
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