Aqua-SPAWN™ - 'activated' flavoured fish eggs (pouch)

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One packet of Aqua-SPAWN™ - 'activated' fish eggs packaged in a quality resealable foil pouch. Suitable for pole and margin fishing.

Fish eggs - Aqua-SPAWN™

Laguna are the inventors of Aqua-SPAWN™ fish eggs and supply worldwide (since 2011)

Suitable for pole and margin fishing.
One packet of 'activated' Aqua-SPAWN™ packaged in a quality resealable foil pouch.

  • The worlds 1st "Synthetic Spawn" (fish egg roe)
  • Looks like the real thing - contains realistic embryo blood vessels
  • Designed for the hook, in the margins, gentle casting, cluster and hair-rigging
  • Very simple to use, suitable for all course fish including CARP
  • They have a guaranteed shelf-life of 10+ years
  • Made in the UK with natural ingredients
  • Activated with SAC™ juice for natural attraction
  • Legal and ethical
  • Suitable for pole and margin fishing
  • 4-6mm expanding fish eggs
  • Attracts all known fish including Carp, Roach, Rudd, Bream, Tench, Chub, Trout, Salmon etc.

Tip. The 'activated' product is supplied as a small sized bait which can be directly hooked or hair rigged and also gently cast to margin areas. But please be aware; they will quickly expand to around 15mm taking on water becoming soft, releasing all its flavour. Therefore we recommend using a new bait each put in.

* We will be pleased to answer all your questions regards this unique and fantastic bait.

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