Amino Acid Powder

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AMINO ACID POWDER - an easy way to significantly increase the attraction of your baits.

Amino Acids are a proven natural attractant that can be detected by fish in the water.
L-type amino acids such ours generally evoke a positive + effect on fish olfactory senses and are especially good in turbid water or at night when visibility is low as the fish tend to rely more on smell and chemical stimuli.

Amino Acids are an ideal additive to use with all natural, real-food baits, long-term baits, base mixes, paste and HNV type baits and boilies.
Examples of natural baits include; worms, slugs, snails and maggots.
Examples of real-food and long term baits include corn, maize, chick peas, hemp seed and a host of prepared particle baits including high quality HNV boilies.

Tip. Use our Amino Acids dissolved in cold water as a boilie dip/pellet soak or add to groundbaits and naturals.
Avoid high temperature heat and boiling.
Add around 10g per 1Kg bait (<1%) for positive results.

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