PONDBOND™ (bait glue) 200ml

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PONDBOND™ New Green Formula.

Water-Based Edible Glue & Binder - for binding groundbaits, home-made egg-free fishing Boilies and Paste Baits - without the boil!
Contains 100% natural ingredients.

Colour: Green/light brown

  • Water-soluble egg-free binder
  • Perfect boil-free, low temperature solution for yeasts and amino acids
  • Enables dampened pellets to stick better to the Method feeder when casting
  • Great for balling-in at distance or presenting particle baits intact into your swim
  • Great for making sticky pellets coated with powders
  • Great for making boilie-shaped baits without eggs or boiling
  • Great for making a longer lasting paste
  • Neutral flavour
  • Soluble, breaks down to allow the flavours out over several hours
  • Natural, long shelf-life, fridge/freeze optional
  • PVA friendly

Typically used for making egg-free and boil-free baits at home
PONDBOND™ is part of the new BUNKERS range which is used instead of eggs to make "un-boilies" which distinguishes them from traditional shop bought boilies.
Flavourless & Nutritious.
Contains 100% natural ingredients, safer for the fish and the environment.

PONDBOND™ from Laguna is the modern and easiest way to make bait at home = Easy mix - No eggs - No boiling - No freezing - Reduced air drying times and a longer shelf-life!

PONDBOND™ is a unique egg-free and boil-free (light brown/green coloured) liquid glue and binder for making fishing paste and boilie shapes - without the boil!
Baits made with PONDBOND™ have a higher natural shelf-life than boiled baits made with eggs.

Baits made correctly with PONDBOND™ are soluble, they break down easily over time, are fully digestible by the fish and resist mould if kept cool and sealed in air tight packaging.

Easy to use: Mix PONDBOND™ to base mixes (We recommend our FALLOUT base mixes for best results), or a combination of your own powders and prepared crushed particles and ingredients to make custom baits. Simply mix dry powdered ingredients and crushed particles with the liquid to form a soft dough, leave to rest a while to allow the liquid to absorb and then roll or form into shapes - without boiling!
Any size and shape is possible.
Baits made with PONDBOND™ are more soluble than boilies and allow the flavours out better, creating that washed-out look in seconds of hitting the water.
Air drying time is achieved within a day for soft hookers in warm, dry air, bagged up immediately for paste to maintain moisture, and anywhere from 2-4 days to a week for harder baits in a warm dry atmosphere. Basically the longer you leave them to dry, the harder they become, but in all cases will still be soluble in the lake or river.
While many commercial boilies have caught fish over the years, we believe a softer, more soluble egg-free bait is capable of catching more. PONDBOND™ is an 'egg replacement' snotty liquid solution that binds well without the need for boiling. This saves a huge amount of preparation time and results in a more nutritious bait for the fish. It's also easier to do.
What's wrong with eggs? Boiled and steamed baits containing eggs are susceptible to salmonella and toxic mould growth. Any soft boiled/uncooked eggs, deprive the fish of vital nutrients as trypsin inhibitors. Any hard boiled baits made with eggs do not break down easily and will accumulate on the lake bed if uneaten. Also hard boiled baits 'lock in' the natural amino acids and flavours. Baits subjected to high temperatures denature the proteins and spoil the natural attraction of amino acids otherwise present.
Baits made correctly with PONDBOND™ on the otherhand are soluble, they break down easily, are fully digestible by the fish and resist mould growth when kept dry in an air tight container. Baits made with PONDBOND™ are long shelf-life that DO NOT need to be frozen.

1 x 200ml PONDBOND™ pouch - is enough to make around 250 x 12mm boilie shapes and chops (un-boilies).

Key ingredients: Distilled water, salt, plant mucilage extract, root starches, vegetable glycerine.

**Instructions provided with each purchase

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