DINNERbell™ method mix

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DINNERbell™ Sweet Chilli n' Garlic is a pre-mixed, moist groundbait that is ready to use straight from the bag.

No more messing about preparing or wondering if you've added too much or too little water - DINNERbell™ is ready to use as soon as you arrive at the fishery!

DINNERbell™ groundbait contains high levels of feed attractors that constantly draw fish into your swim.

Contains enzymatically predigested & hydrolyzed ingredients which are far superior to anything else available.

  • Use as groundbait, in a feeder or method
  • PVA friendly
  • Long shelf life
  • Protect from wind and sun to prevent drying out.

DINNERbell™ Sweet Chilli n' Garlic method mix & ground bait 1Kg

Ideal for Tench Bream & Carp

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